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About Tanya Gill

Forest City, North Carolina

I am a native of Rutherford County, NC but I currently reside in Douglasville, Georgia. Some things about me! Very positive thinker! Very energetic always learning more about new medical endeavors, I’m well traveled, and I’m well respected in the medical field. Always willing and able to help wherever I can!

Tanya Gill is the owner and operator of Sparrow Medical Management PC. Tanya has been in the health care industry in the field for over 23 years, she understands the need for trained and competent staffing. She is witty, engaging and enjoys the process of knowledge transfer and collaborating with a variety client in order to equip them with the human capital needed to provide quality services and lead during evolving times.

Tanya’s mission is to make staffing highly trained and experienced medical professionals easy


For the Community

As members of healthcare staffing and industry trade associations, we keep in touch with trends and forecasts to offer innovative best practices to help our company provide unparalleled services in a constant evolving healthcare landscape.

By the Community

With professionals working statewide, we are one of the state’s fastest growing per diem and travel healthcare staffing organizations. Each year, we place hundreds of healthcare professionals.


Why Sparrow Medical Management?


A hub where the community can get the help they need.

We maintain a strong focus on developing a partnership with our clients to enhance their quality care by providing the highest qualified healthcare associates available while meeting individual client needs

The community

Sparrow Medical Management PC provides 24-hour staff relief for hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and managed care programs in the Metro Atlanta.

Role in the community

Knowledge and professional development are the keys to success for any company as well as improving the service they provide to clients.


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