Nursing is one of the most selfless professions out there. They sacrifice their sleep, their family, their social life so that people like you and me can have a healthy and prosperous life.
Even though they do not get the credit they deserve, they still work day and night, saving the lives of millions of people. But the scenarios have changed now, the years 2020 and 2021 have made us realize the value of nurses and the wonders they do, and the sacrifices they make. This is why medical experts like Tanya Gill, have started companies like Sparrow Medical Management PC to help provide employment to people looking for rn jobs in Georgia, and help hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes etc by providing them with 24 hour service in the process.

Even though nursing is one of the most selfless professions out there, there are people who shy away from taking nursing as a career because of these misconceptions.

1) Nursing is a career only for women
Many people have this misconception that nursing is a profession only for women. This misconception is not a hundred percent false but more and more men are inclining towards nursing as a profession. Although there are a lot more women in nursing, men who wish to make a difference in society, and are willing to connect with their patients are going towards nursing as a profession. According to the 2017 report from the Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies, the number of men working in the nursing profession was less than 200,000 whereas in 2016 the number of men working in the nursing profession was 350,000.

2) You won’t make enough money as a nurse
Another misconception of people is regarding the money you make as a nurse. Even though nursing is not a very glorified profession like entrepreneurship, engineering, lawyers etc. It is one of the most rewarding emotionally as well as financially. An average RN nurse in Georgia can earn between 50,000$- 100,000$. This is quite rewarding and even more than compared to the other professions out there. So if you are thinking about choosing nursing as a profession, do it without any hesitation.

3) Nurses are not as skilled as doctors
A lot of people have this misconception that nurses are people who couldn’t make it as doctors because they are not as skilled. But what they don’t realize is that people choose nursing as a profession voluntarily and it is as rewarding and fulfilling as being a doctor. And if anyone says nurses are not as skilled as doctors let them be because people love to talk about people behind successful people’s backs.

Being a nurse is amazing, no matter what people say. Nursing as a profession can be very fulfilling, and heavily rewarding. So if you are looking forward to choosing nursing as a career, kudos to you, and to make your first step forward quite easy with us.

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